Labour Day, also known as International Worker's Day is an annual holiday that celebrates the achievements of workers. The origins of this commemoration lie in the labour union victory in achieving the eight-hour day, translated as eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

Entrepreneurs would agree that this neat 8 hourly division is somewhat utopian and not reflective of the entrepreneurial reality of working odd hours, not being able to afford recreation and too consumed by thoughts of products, services and clients to sleep. …

Zambia my beloved motherland. A land of great economic potential and much desired development. I am so proud that even though there are so many areas that are works in progress, the country can be proud of what it has achieved in the representation of women at top levels of industry. …

March was the month of celebrating everything woman. It was also a time of reflection of the continued danger women face by simply being women. This is a global phenomenon and a social shame. In this quick read, I share the findings of investigations into the harassment and violence women are exposed to in enterprising.

The statistics are shocking and seem unfitting for a 21st century world.

As we look forward to celebrating mother's day in the UK (14 March 2021), I have been reflecting on what motherhood has taught me about life in general. I am the blessed mother of a little boy who has taught me more about life in the 3 years that he has been on this earth than I have ever learned in the 32 years that I have been here. I have been thinking about the adjustments I have had to make in my way of life, in how I think and my reordering of priorities as a result of motherhood…

Technology and Women’s Enterprising: The Good & The Bad

The description of current and future trends in any sphere of business is incomplete without acknowledging the role and impact of digital technology. Over this unprecedented period of lockdowns and physical shut downs, digital technology has proved a vital life line for businesses all over the world. I have marveled at how quickly businesses have adapted to embrace digital technology, but equally mused over whether the results of this embrace are all good, particularly for our women run enterprises.

Let's look at the data.

The Good:
1. In emerging contexts where barriers…

2020 was the year of all things uncertain for businesses around the world; whether formal or informal; whether micro, small, medium or large in size. The United Kingdom’s businesses faced an additional layer of macroeconomic uncertainty-BREXIT. It is well known that the nemesis of business strategy is the inability to plan because of uncertainty. In this article, I explore the nature of the uncertainty brought on by these two phenomena for UK businesses, and I focus specifically on women’s enterprising as women’s businesses already faced more challenges than those of their male counterparts prior to COVID-19 and BREXIT.

The impacts…

Happy 2021 everyone. This year, I have decided to blog about women’s enterprising around the world from a global strategy perspective. This brings together my 3 academic passions: research on women in business, applying strategic management approaches to problem solving and telling stories through cases.

I hope that the items I publish will increase the visibility of women’s enterprising on the whole and elicit solution-focused discussion on the issues raised.

The publications will be monthly. …

Beatrice Nanyinza Mwila has had an elaborate career- from humble beginnings as personal secretary to the powerful position of Executive Director. This is an oddity for an African woman in a highly patriarchal Zambian society. I interviewed her to get an insight into what has contributed to her success and to appreciate what is holding other women of a similar background back. A woman who appears to have had the “Midas Touch” in every arena of corporate life, Beatrice summed up her learning and experience as follows:

Beatrice Nanyinza Mwila

Lesson 1- Self-Perception: Confidence and Determination

I am a continuous learner, a calculative…

Dr Natasha Katuta Mwila

Dr Natasha Katuta Mwila is an academic in the management sciences. She is a senior lecturer at Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University

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